I made Balloonicorn on Scribblenauts.

I have no idea if I should put him up in the Steam workshop to be downloaded because that character creation thing is so confusing.

You can ride him.

Bubbles float behind him when he flies.

He gets pissed off if you put him in a container.

He follows you around.

Eats candy.

Celebrates when there’s a fire and doesn’t take damage when he’s on fire.

I tried to make him attack spies, but that didn’t work.

I dunno, what do you guys think?

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    Upload him, balloonicorns must be spread in every game possible! I made one in The Sims 3 myself. He sets fires and...
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  5. catcard said: I don’t even play or care about scribblenauts. Put that shit up do it NOW. :D
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